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School of Business
Organizational Management
Program Objectives:

The Organizational Management program aims to provide individuals with the ample skill development, education, and training to prepare them for successful careers in Management such as administrative assistant, Branch Manager, Office Manager, Production Manager, etc… The program is designed to develop the necessary knowledge and skills in order to manage key processes in organizations. Students will learn how to manage innovations, align resources, deal with organizational conflicts, implement change and overcome resistance to change, attract, grow and maintain human resources, develop leadership skills and attain efficiency and effectiveness. Upon completion of the program, students will able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand fundamental management concepts and skills and gain insight on how to apply them in successfully achieving a competitive positioning.

  • Understand various techniques to identify organizational environment.

  • Communicate effectively to facilitate the decision making process.

  • Understand the strategic role of human resources in planning and operating organizations.

  • Develop knowledge on the use of technology in business practices.

  • Understand the challenges of business social responsibility.

  • Be aware of the nature of business ethics in a global business environment.

Program Learning Outcomes:
  • Apply knowledge of major business core concepts, principles, and analytical skills across functional lines;

  • Demonstrate an ability to detect the similarities and differences in ‘leadership’ and ‘management’ and identify the key competencies needed to be an effective leader;

  • Understand the changes in the work force and the responsibility of managers on how to solve any conflict;

  • Apply knowledge in defining projects, identifying lifecycle, scheduling, system approach, budgeting, costing, control and risk and management;

  • Acquire critical thinking skills via the application of concepts and theories to business and when presented with managerial problems;

  • Demonstrate an ability to decision-making, negotiation, overcome resistance to change, effective communication, as well as the ability to be self-reliance, initiator, and to manage time, stress, projects, and resources.

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