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School of Technology
Head of School of Technology's Welcome Note

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Technology department of MUC University. All of us at the School of Technology of MUC University hope that your interest in our webpage will lead to your decision to become a member of our family through the different majors that we offer: Applied Computer Science, Communication Information System, Computer Communication Networking, Electronics and Mechatronics.

Technology in the 21st century essentially effects all aspects of our lives and has become a vital part of business, everyday life, and society. It is technology which has the potential to shape the future. The Technology department at MUC University prepares students by providing a curriculum which develops the highest competencies in technological fields.

What is it exactly that makes technology at MUC different from other institutions? That question is quite simple. It is our consistent effort to provide our students with a professional and academic education and to give them the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience. We are working to achieve the ambitions of our students through modern programs, well equipped laboratories, academic clubs that pursue invigorating real world projects, and agreements with various national and international universities and organizations. At the School of Technology students receive an experience that prepares them for the professions of their dream and teaches them to remain life-long learners in the pursuit of constant knowledge.

There is little question that the educational experience we provide is different from that offered at many academic institutions. Take a few minutes to look over our web pages and familiarize yourself with our degree options. Certainly, do not hesitate to contact the MUC admissions office at MUC if you have any questions or need additional information regarding our programs or activities.


Dr. Hassan Mehdi

Head of School of Technology

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