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About MUC

Matn University College of Technology (MUC) is one of the leading higher education universities in Lebanon that offers quality education to students of the region. Established in 2013 by CIS Group, MUC offers students from diverse social levels the chance to continue their education. As a financially accessible and affordable educational institution located in the heart of Beirut, MUC is the learning destination for ambitious and hardworking students.

MUC focuses on providing ongoing assistantship to all its students and graduates, not only throughout their time as students at MUC, but also as MUC Alumni. 

Assistantship at the university is not limited to offering students a respectable education, rather it includes support for both students and alumni throughout their career path. Aside from academics, the university strives to create an enjoyable and active atmosphere at our campuses to compliment and expand upon our curriculum.

MUC Students
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