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Sports Department

MUC offers sports, recreation, and leisure programs for all MUC students, staff and faculty. The offerings under the umbrella of the Sports Department include participation in national intercollegiate athletics leagues, informal recreational opportunities, and strength and conditioning facilities available at the MUC Gym or Green Field. The department believes in equal opportunities for all students to maintain a healthy and active physical state, and does not discriminate between genders, nationalities, social status, or otherwise. All members of the MUC family are encourage to participate in all the offerings, events, leagues, teams, and clubs as part of the department.


To provide programs that promote the character development of participants, enhance the integrity of the MUC sports team and physical education, and to promote civility and good sportsmanship within Lebanese societies by encouraging respect, fairness, civility, honesty, and responsibility in playing sports.


To transform the MUC sport and recreation environment by encouraging integrated and mass participation in department activities, developing high performance programs, ensuring equal opportunities for all stakeholders to participate in departmental activities.

MUC University
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