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Student Life

Student Life

Pursuing a degree in higher education is not just about overnights spent cramming for exams or meeting with team mates to finish projects and presentations for class. Your university experience at MUC doesn’t just focus on academics. At MUC you gain the opportunity to connect with talented people from all over the country and change the very way you define yourself. MUC is a lifestyle.

Whether you decide to join one of our many clubs, play university sports, or simply attend the events to partake in the laughter and fun, you will quickly learn that the MUC experience is defined by both the knowledge you gain in the classroom and the memories you make outside of class. It is learning to be a leader, a motivator, and an active member of your society. MUC student life will have you seeing the world with a new perspective.

MUC Cafeteria

MUC has two cafeterias that offer students a wide variety of food and snacks at affordable prices.

MUC Student Lounge

MUC students can always kick back and relax at our Student Lounge. The lounge is an area that can also be used for group study sessions which can’t be held at the MUC Library. The student lounge is equipped with sofas, tables, chairs, gaming stations, and TVs that are accessible for all students to use. There is always something interesting happening at the lounge, so pass by and check it out for yourself!

Annual Events

The MUC calendar is filled with student activities, food fairs, workshops, sports competitions, seminars, festivals, guest speakers, and more. MUC students, faculty and staff collaborate to make each event a success.

MUC Clubs

Student clubs promote the various interests of MUC students. Students clubs are supported by the University and all students are encourage to join a club. There are clubs that reflect MUC’s various majors, and the various interests of our student body. Each student club has a full-time faculty adviser who directs the club members and advises them on all of their activities and club endeavors. The club adviser also accompanies the members to all their organized activities and who acts as a liaison between the club members and the administration.

The Office of Student Development reviews all requests for student activities by the various student clubs. In the event that an approved club activity falls short financially, the Student Activities Fund may be used to cover the deficit.

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