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Undergraduate Program

Students Holding the Lebanese Official Secondary Certificate

Holders of the Lebanese Baccalaureate-Part II, or its equivalent, are eligible for admission to MUC. Students holding the Technical Baccalaureate Diploma (BT3) and the Superior Technician Diploma (TS) are also eligible for admission to MUC. However, such students must register within the field of specialization that is determined by the Lebanese Ministry of Education.

Candidates are required to pass the MUC English Entry Exam, and other placement assessments which may be required such as Math I and II placement tests. Based on the results of these entrance and placement exams, applicants may be asked to register remedial courses as pre-requisites to the MUC curriculum requirements.

MUC University

Required Documents for Undergraduate Application:​

New students must submit an undergraduate application along with the following documents:

  1. High School Transcript (Grades for the last three years of high school)

  2. High school certificate or diploma: Lebanese Baccalaureate, Technical Baccalaureate, or French Baccalaureate

  3. Lebanese Baccalaureate equivalency for non-Lebanese degrees or diplomas and SAT I

  4. Scores of entrance exams or placement exams taken at MUC

  5. Original Civil Status Record (for Lebanese applicants) or photocopies of passport and residence permit (for non-Lebanese Applicants)

  6. Three identical recent passport-size colored photos

  7. Entrance exam fees

  8. Application fees

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