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Welcome to the Office of Admissions!

To our prospective students, we hope that you consider MUC as the educational institute that aids you in accomplishing the objectives you set for yourselves in the future.

MUC has remained committed to its vision as a member of the CIS group’s leadership in educating the youth of nation and of the region. The MUC Admissions Office is dedicated to helping all those who enter the university to find their path in life.

We endeavor to provide all those who come to us with the necessary information to make a well-educated decision on what major to pursue based on their backgrounds, aspirations, and learning abilities. At MUC we aim to create a student body that values diversity, integrity, lifelong learning, and discipline. Our graduates are those students who thrive for academic excellence, are self-motivated learners, and show the ability and the willingness to making their communities better for themselves and future generations. Our admission policy reflects this by evaluating applicants based on their educational objectives, character, and previous academic and non-academic achievements.


We invite you to take a look at the pages of this website to get a better idea of all that MUC has to offer. Please feel free to contact the admissions office or to pay us a visit at one of our campuses. Our admissions officers are always on hand to guide students around campus and to answer any questions that they may have on what the future and MUC holds for them.

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