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MUC Campuses

MUC has two campuses in Lebanon, one in Beirut and the other in Khalda. Each of our campuses provides students with facilities that include, but are not limited to electronic and robotic laboratories, computer labs, libraries, audio visual rooms, art rooms, and so on. Both campuses share an online university management system and e-library. These mobile applications allow students to access educational resources from either campus, or from the comfort of their own homes.  

The Beirut Campus is the main MUC campus. It is located 10 minutes away from major shopping malls, banking sectors, and food districts. The Beirut Campus has a wide range of recreational facilities including a football field, two student gardens, a student gym, and parking areas. The campus also has a cafeteria which seats more than 100 students, a large auditorium, an underground parking, and a large art department.


The Khalda campus is situated near the Mediterranean coast, and is surrounded by many of the best educational facilities in Lebanon, ranging from public elementary schools to public and private technical institutes and schools. The campus is set on a a hill at the cross roads between Beirut, Mount Lebanon, and the South. It is the center of a busy residential commercial area, making malls and shopping centers easily accessible to students. MUC Khalda prides itself on having established a campus which is diverse in terms of the student body and the faculty. The campus itself provides students with technology laboratories, art and design studios, roomy classes, a large exam hall, and student cafeteria.

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