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Q: What is the system of education at MUC?

A: MUC is an American system university which follows the credit system.


Q: What do credits represent?

A: Credits refer to the number of hours a class meets per week. Tuition fees are calculated based on the number of credits you take per semester. So a class that meets three times per week is a three credit course. Therefore the class costs the credit price times three.


Q: How are we graded?

A: Each class you take will have its own set of assessments to measure the knowledge you have gained throughout the semester. The final score will be a percentage score over 100. These percentages will then be calculate to create your grade point averages or GPA, per semester. These are scores over 4 points. 


Q: Can I attend courses in the evening?

A: MUC  course offerings are split into AM and PM schedules to allow flexibility for working students to attend their classes while following their career paths.


Q: Can I attend courses at either branch of MUC?

A: Students can take any course offered at any of MUC’s branches at any time.


Q: It there transportation available to the branches of MUC?

A: MUC has a branch at Haret Hreik, in the heart of Beirut, at the Ghobeiri round about. The Khalde branch is located at the Khalde intersection towards Choueifet. Both locations are on major transportation lines for buses and taxis. Both locations also have large parking areas above and below ground. So while MUC does not offer its own transport services, both branches are easily accessible.


Q: Is attendance obligatory?

A: Yes, student attendance is obligatory. Students with excessive absenteeism will be withdrawn from their courses.


Q: How can I get more information about registration and tuition?

A: Just visit any of our branches and one of our admissions officers will be happy to help you.


Q: Does MUC offer graduate and post-graduate degrees?

A: Currently MUC only offers undergraduate programs, however we do have opportunities with our international partners for alumni to continue their studies overseas. 

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