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Office of Registrar

Welcome to the Office of the Registrar!

This office aims to support the mission of the University and its respective schools and departments through a series of student based academic services. It offers professional, efficient and courteous administrative services to all students, faculty and staff members, administration, parents, and alumni.

It is committed to: managing of the student records data base, facilitating course registration, creating and disseminating the course offering each semester, issuing the final examination schedule, issuing transcripts and certificates, auditing degrees, maintaining the integrity, accuracy, and privacy of all academic student records.

We accomplish our objectives by ensuring our service excellence in everything we do. Member of the office continuously meet the challenge of completing their assigned tasks in a manner which is as efficient and effective as possible in our work. The Registrar’s Office staff members committed to enhancing a culture of high performance and improving the student experience and can answer any questions students might have about MUC.

Students are welcome to attend in person if they have questions or to send their queries via e-mail by contacting the Registrar's Office.

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