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School of Business


Our vision is to be acknowledged as a unique university that provides a valuable education and an excellent academic experience in the development of Lebanon’s youth.


The School of Business is composed of Eight essential components:

  • To hire the best, most energetic and hopeful instructors who provide knowledge through consistent support and compassion.

  • To provide a valuable education of international standards to all those students who entrust themselves to the university.

  • To ensure that our programs and teaching methods are tailored to average students to help them improve and acquire knowledge that will instigate a transformation in the quality of their lives.

  • To meet the needs of the job market by graduating alumni who are employable.

  • To encourage transparency, continual learning, and the acquisition of information through interactive and TICE learning, but also through repetition, consistency, and perseveration.

  • To teach not only content, but also openness, acceptance of cultural differences, and maturity when interacting within their community.

  • To use technological advancements of the 21st century to help students cope with change in a dynamic market, globalization, and the need for adaptability in an international and online market which requires greater immediacy in communication than ever before.

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