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School of Business
Marketing and Advertising
Program Objectives:

The Marketing and Advertising Program aims to provide individuals with a balance between general business, marketing, and advertising knowledge that graduates require to achieve success in the real world. This includes, but is not limited to, the study of product development, promotion, market research, advertising, and sales. The program aims to give students both the theoretical knowledge and hands on experience in the realm of creating value for customers and organizations. It further aims to instill a sound business understanding of the industry nationally, regionally, and internationally. Upon completion of the program, students will able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Identify and respond to clients’ advertising and marketing needs;

  • Perform a market segmentation analysis, identify the organization’s target market/audience and define the consumer behavior of each segment;

  • Develop, present and persuasively defend  an advertising;

  • Contribute to evaluating the effectiveness of advertising and marketing communications initiatives;

  • Collaborate in the development of advertising and marketing communications material, in compliance with industry standards and business practices;

  • Participate in the development of creative solutions to address advertising and marketing challenges;

  • Contribute to planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects by applying the principles of project management;

  • Complete all work in a professional, ethical and timely manner

Program Learning Outcomes:
  • Utilize advertising and marketing communications to support business decisions and to address clients’ needs;

  • Integrate the marketing mix into advertising and marketing plan;

  • Identify brand/product positioning and practices that aid advertising agencies to function effectively;

  • Compile, compare, present and apply the results of qualitative/quantitative;

  • Research data using a variety of methods and in such a way that is relative to a specific advertising and marketing challenge;

  • Utilize relevant consumer profiles based on demographic, psychographic, and geodemographic data to analyze product and brand information and determine measurable objectives;

  • Develop creative media strategies using various modes of technology to determine the optimal fit for the target market/audience;

  • Develop and utilize persuasive visual and audio communications techniques;

  • Work effectively in a team environment;

  • Exhibit lifelong learning skills.

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