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School of Business
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Program Objectives:

The Management Information System (MIS) program aims to provide individuals with the ample skill development, education, and training to prepare them for successful careers in Management Information Systems by providing graduates with an extensive business background and a comprehensive understanding of applied technologies. The MIS major emphasizes the understanding of how information systems are administered and used to advance the performance of organizations. The program integrates the fundamentals of organizational management, business concepts, and with the latest trends in telecommunications and integrated organizational information systems technologies. Students who pursue this degree will be prepared for a wide range of career paths in, business management as well as specialized information systems and technology positions. Upon completion of the program, students will able to achieve the following objectives:


  • Understand the professional role of MIS in successfully achieving a competitive advantage;

  • Analyze and synthetize business information needs to make informed decisions and create strategic alternatives and solutions;

  • Utilize skills and knowledge of MIS for the acquisition, development, and deployment of an Information System to facilitate business projects and objectives;

  • Communicate effectively to facilitate the decision making process.

Program Learning Outcomes:
  • Apply knowledge of Information Systems and business principles in response to challenges, changes, needs, risks, and opportunities;

  • Demonstrate ability to synthetize and analyze a situation and create a plan of action from knowledge of business and information systems principles;

  • Apply knowledge, acquire, and maintain, and manage information systems;

  • Utilize database and information systems to organize, store, and retrieve data to facilitate the needs of a business;

  • Identify fundamental business processes in emerging models of technology in business;

  • Demonstrate a professional ethical code of conduct in MIS practices.

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