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School of Business
Hospitality Management
Program Objectives:

The Hospitality Management Program aims to provide individuals with the ample skill development, education, and training to prepare them for successful careers within the services and hospitality industry. The program further aims to instill a sound business understanding of the industry nationally, regionally, and internationally. Upon completion of the program students will able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand investment trends and economic patterns within the industry;

  • Identify emerging markets and business opportunities for growth within the field;

  • Recognize and contribute to the socio-economic impact of development with the field;

  • Be well familiarized with scope of skills and tasks within the industry in a practical sense;

  • Implement hospitality management functions as they pertain to financial control and budgeting, accounting and taxation, technological applications, and human resources;

  • Recognize the importance of the integration of the hospitality industry within national policy making;

  • Develop increased employability skills required within the field.

Program Learning Outcomes:
  • Utilize interpersonal skills to manage employees at a number of levels within the hospitality setting;

  • Perform cost calculations and utilize results of calculations to make managerial decisions within the field;

  • Complete and evaluate data generated from within the field of work;

  • Develop an effective business plan for an operation;

  • Develop an effective marketing plan for an operation and direct the execution of the plan;

  • Create schedules and various HR documents based on both financial and market considerations;

  • Create an effective cover letter and cv to highlight the skills sought by potential employers.

  • Exhibit lifelong learning skills.

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