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IT Quick Links
MUC University provides its students and faculty members with a variety of key online academic resources at its campuses to ensure that students feel that they are in a high quality academic environment. 
MUC Student Portal
The MUC Student Portal includes all details about the students' attendance, program, lectures, registered courses, available courses, GPA, tuition and fees, upload assignments, homework and projects, in plus students benefits from the EBSCO E-library and many other services.
To access Student Portal click here

MUC Instructor Portal
The MUC Instructor Portal includes all details about instructor schedule, instructor can monitor and analyze student performance, grades and absenteeism, also the instructor can publish assignments, homework and projects and many other services.
To access Instructor Portal click here

MUC Web Mail
The MUC Web Mail is a part of Office 365 service which provides to students and instructors email with 50 GB mailbox, 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage, Web  versions of Word, Power Point, Excel, One Note and Outlook and many other services.
To access MUC Web Mail click here

Microsoft Teams Online Classes
The Teams application is a Microsoft solution which provides to students and instructors to build collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities and many other services to be more engaged.
To access Microsoft Teams click here
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