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School of Arts
Graphic Design
Program Objectives:

The Graphic Design Program aims to provide individuals with the ample skill development, education, and training to prepare them for successful careers within the field. The multi-faceted program further aims to instill a sound range of theoretical knowledge and applicable understanding of a variety of design experiences. Upon completion of the program students will able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Possess a body of knowledge in technological and artistic graphic innovations through history until modern day;

  • Comprehend both the importance and application of print and multi-media;

  • Have an increased understanding of theoretical and practical research within the field;

  • Illustrate an increase in creativity, self-motivation, self-evaluation, and critical thinking that yield communicable design solutions that fit the challenges of a modern design industry;

  • Be well familiarized with scope of skills and tasks within the industry in a practical sense while possessing traits of enterprise and innovation;

  • Apply strategic thinking for the development of design concepts and solutions;

  • Illustrate a sensitivity to the importance of design in relation to other disciplines, and to society in general.

  • Develop increased employability skills required within the field.

Program Learning Outcomes:
  • Access information to create design concepts and solutions through traditional and modern methods of research;

  • Appropriately communicate various design concepts clearly and concisely through visual, verbal, and written modes;

  • Demonstrate fluency in the application of bilingual typography;

  • Create and evaluate visual and technical design solutions to communication issues as part of analytical and problem-solving assessments;

  • Use an interdisciplinary approach to relate design thinking to the process of creating a full design solution as part of a team;

  • Create an effective cover letter and cv to highlight the skills sought by potential employers.

  • Exhibit lifelong learning skills.

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