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School of Technology
Computer Science
Program Objectives:

The aim of the Computer Science program is to prepare program members for successful and professional careers and leadership roles with lifelong learning and ethical conduct in their community and as global citizens. The program seeks to develop necessary skills for success  with a focus on critical thinking and analytical skills. This is based in a curriculum that evolves to keep pace with the rapid growth of technology in various areas of Computer Science. Upon completion of the program students will able to achieve the following objectives:

  • Have a strong foundation in mathematical theories, algorithmic theories, and computer science theories;

  • Be able to work independently to analyze complex problems and then design implementable solutions that meet the needs of the client or the research

  • Be able to demonstrate professional interaction and communicate effectively with team members;

  • Be able to work efficiently in multidisciplinary teams;

  • Be prepared for a variety of engineering careers, graduate studies, and continuing education;

  • Practice professional and ethical responsibility, and, be aware of the impact of their designs on human-kind and the environment.

  • Develop increased employability skills required within the field.

Program Learning Outcomes:
  • Achieve the ability to analyze problems and identify the appropriate computing components for its solution;

  • Design, implement, and assess a computer-based system

  • Design, implement, and assess a computer-based process or program

  • Effectively function as part of a team to achieve common goals

  • Apply design principles in constructing computer solutions

  • Apply developmental principles in constructing computer solutions

  • Apply theories of mathematics, algorithms, and computer science in order to model and design a computer-based system, solution, program, or process.

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