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Meet Dr. Abdul Rahman Chahine

In the academic sector:

* Chairman of the Board of Trustees at MUC- "Al-Matn University College".

* Shareholder and General manager of "The Lebanese Institution for culture and education", that has an exclusive academic partnership with "Alexandria University".


In the teaching sector:

* Clinical instructor at Beirut Arab University (Faculty of Medicine and faculty of Health Sciences).

* Lecturer in the department of radiology at Kursk State Medical University- Russia.

In the education and cultural sector:

* Active member and medical consultant in AFLEC - "L'Association Franco-Libanaise de l’education et de la Culture" - Paris.

In Student services sector:

* Director of “Falcon Universal sdn”, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

* Manager at “TransRussian Co.”


In Management sector:

* Director of “premier zone”.

* Director of “Golden T”- Russia.


In Medical sector:

* Head of Radiology center in Beirut Arab University healthcare center.

* Head of Radiology Center at the " social health care Centers of Rafik Hariri Foundation" ( 2005-2015).

* Founder of few radiology centers, medical laboratories and polyclinics: WMC, ABC Laboratories, ABC Medical Imaging.* The representative of USARAD in the Middle East and the G.C.C..

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In the healthcare sector: 
* Founder and general manager of "Cedars Medicare" (CM): specialized in organizing and providing medical and social services. CM is the exclusive representative of "the mutual fund of the Lebanese National Social Security Fund", created a "Medico-Social Card" with a network of more than 36 medical centers distributed all over Lebanon.

In the social services sector: 
* President "Cedars Mutual Fund". 
- Cedars M.F. was granted the right to offer orientation and cultural courses for orphans in "the social welfare institutions". 
- Cedars M.F. is the main supporter of the "AMAN" program for the orphans care within their families.
- Cedars M.F. was the first in Lebanon to organize "the first Ceremony for the Firefighters day" and 
- Cedars M.F. offered training sessions to support women.
- Nowadays, Cedars M.F. yearly sponsors more than one thousand families.
* Main founder and vice president of "Reconciliation and welfare Charity Association".

In Diplomatic sector:
* "Ambassador of Russian Education" honored by "Kursk State Medical University".


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