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News and Events at MUC

MUC Annual Spring Fun Festival
The annual MUC Spring Fun Festival took place on Wednesday, April 17th, 2019 at MUC's Beirut campus. Hundreds of students from all over Lebanon were invited to take place in the festival fun, or to participate...
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Register in Accounting & Finance
The MUC Accounting and Finance Program aims to prepare provide individuals with the skill development, education, and training necessary to prepare them for successful careers in accounting and finance.
MUC Third Annual Spring Dinner
Celebrating another year of educational success, the MUC Family organized its Third Annual Spring Dinner at Coral Beach Hotel. At the dinner, MUC Administration, gathered together to express...
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Explore the Radio TV major
The Radio TV Program aims to provide individuals in the program with the experience and knowledge of script writing, directing, film techniques, electronic media production, programming and “on-air broadcasting”.

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December 23, 2019
Christmas Holiday Begins
January 02, 2020
Christmas Holiday Ends
January 06, 2020
Armenian Christmas Holiday
January 07, 2020
Course Registration Starts
January 10, 2020
Course Registration Ends
January 20. 2020
Late Course Registration Begins
January 23, 2020
Late Course Registration Ends
January 24, 2020
Fall Classes End
January 29, 2020
English Final Exam
February 03, 2020
Final Examination Period Begins
February 07, 2020
Final Examination Period Ends
February 09, 2020
Saint Maroun's Day